Getting Up and Leaving: 5 Situations to Escape from an Interview

Yes, it happens. Yes, you have the right to stop the interview if something is alarming, embarrassing, or goes wrong. We will tell you under what circumstances it is worth leaving the interview without waiting for the final.

An interview doesn’t always go as planned, and you never know what you’re going to face. Sometimes even 10 minutes is enough to understand that this work is not an option. But the company is good, the environment is pleasant, the reception is cordial… In this case, it is better to wait until the end of the interview and justify your refusal in a civilized manner.

However, if you understand that there is no point in enduring, wasting time and nerves, then it is better to stop the conversation and say goodbye to the employer.

Forgotten about you

You came at the appointed time, but the person with whom you made an appointment is not there. The secretary did not offer to sit down and asks to wait 15 minutes, then another 10, then “exactly 5 minutes”. And an hour later he says that you need to come tomorrow. This attitude is clearly irresponsible and disrespectful. Do you really want to work in such an atmosphere?

Require documents, personal or bank data

They have no right! All the information that the employer needs at the interview stage is in your resume – full name and contacts. All. If you are asked or, worse, extorted to provide something more, most likely you have fallen into the hands of scammers. If so, feel free to leave.

They ask you not to sell a product but to buy it

You probably know this technique when an employer or recruiter hands the candidate a pen, cup, stapler, or any other item and asks to sell the product right at the interview. This is fine and is appropriate when hiring a salesperson.

But if during a conversation the interviewer offers you to buy something – pay for a training course, pay for a batch of products or (which is very funny) for printing contracts, tea, then the case smells like deception. Feel free to leave. You do not have to pay for a job or buy a position.

Conditions change during the interview

It is rare, but it does happen when an employer embellishes a job to attract more job seekers with a good resume. High wages, ideal working conditions, and work schedules, duties relevant to your specialization are just a dream proposal. But during the interview, the recruiter backs up.

It turns out that the salary has been equalized for all employees, and only yesterday the work schedule changed, and you will have to combine two positions or go on business trips. If this option suits you, then good. No – go away and don’t look back. The employer must be honest with the applicant at all stages of recruiting (as well as the applicant). After all, starting a working relationship with deception is a bad sign.

Something bothers you

You yourself do not know what exactly. You don’t like people, you feel uncomfortable in the room, you answer mechanically and look at the clock with the thought “I wish it would be over”. Interrupt the interview, say honestly that you won’t be able to work for the company, be sure to apologize. And what, so it was possible? Of course. You should not build relationships with the employer on the principle of “endure – fall in love”, because you do not know how long you will have to wait to “endure”. And is it necessary?

Don’t worry, the chances of getting a nightmare interview are very small. But if this happened and you are in doubt about what to do – leave or stay, remember that work should be enjoyable. And if at the interview you realize that your expectations are unlikely to be met, close the door on the other side and look for new vacancies.

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