I plan to change jobs, go to the site – not a single good vacancy. What’s the matter?

Sometimes, when they first come to a job search site, job seekers are unhappy with the results. They say that there are few vacancies in the results, and not all of them match the requests. As a result – understandable indignation of the applicant and a natural question: “Is there something wrong with vacancies? And where, then, to look for what suits me?”.

Are all vacancies on the site bad?

Let’s start with the most serious question. And immediately we will figure out that there is a bad vacancy.

Objectively, a bad vacancy is one in which it is not clear by whom and where a person is invited to work, what he will have to do in this job and what conditions the employer offers. That is, a bad job is a low-quality job. To prevent such offers from appearing on the site, Work.ua has a moderation department. Our moderators carefully check all vacancies that appear on the site, and, if necessary, advise employers to add or clarify information. They also make sure that the text is readable and understandable.

In our experience, vacancies that are not suitable for a specific application are often called “bad” vacancies. The fact is that now there are more than 70 thousand relevant offers on our site, including work for people without experience, part-time vacancies, offers from young companies, and from those employers who are looking for certain specialists for the first time and are not yet familiar with the market.

Salary offers, employer requirements, and working conditions in some vacancies may not suit you. Well, for a young job seeker without experience, for example, a job with a less convenient schedule and not such a high salary is quite suitable, but the opportunity to study on the fly and the company’s willingness to hire a newcomer.

So I’m looking wrong?

You are searching correctly, but most likely you are not using all the search capabilities. It is already good to define exactly the position you want to get, the city where you are going to work, and enter all this in the search lines. Trying to search by other job titles (for example, not only vacancies for SMM specialists but also for social media specialists, SMM specialists) is even better.

But there is also an advanced search, with which you can:

  • Find more vacancies (select “Search not only by the title” or “Search by any word” in the “Search query” menu).
  • Sort vacancies by your request – by type of employment, experience, opportunity to apply without a resume, and salary range.

Oh, and you can take away from the salary?

If you have certain salary expectations, then you can find vacancies that indicate the salary you are interested in.

But remember:

  1. It is counterproductive to identify jobs that are right for you based on salary alone. Consider also the working conditions offered by the employer and his requirements for candidates. Carefully choosing a job is the first step towards rapport with future bosses and overall job satisfaction in the future.
  2. Not all employers specify a “fork” of salaries in vacancies. And often they do this not because the salary is too low. There are other reasons: the company is not ready to disclose the size of employees’ salaries, they want to discuss salaries with each candidate personally, the company values ​​more the employee’s desire to develop together with the team, and not earn as much as possible (although in reality the rate there is above average).

Well, news! So how do I “calculate” such vacancies?

There are a couple of ways:

First: Using the advanced search capabilities, you’ve probably found at least one job that matches your queries (well, at least 60%). Go to the page with this proposal and scroll down. There you will see “Looks Like Jobs.”

Second: search for jobs immediately in companies that you like. To do this, Work.ua has a search by company.

This is all great, of course. But too much action. Can you somehow simplify, speed up the search for suitable vacancies?

Two words – “Recommended vacancies”. This is an individual feed of vacancies that are selected according to your interests and appear in a separate section. The site takes into account the information in your resume, which vacancies you were interested in before, and based on this it selects new offers. Featured is not a reason to stop using search entirely, but it’s a good way to keep up to date with new offers every day.

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