My resume isn’t working

Here’s everything we know about how to improve your resume and make it so that employers don’t ignore it.

The Content Department of our site reads your comments under each article, and we noticed that in them you often complain that your resume is not working. We decided to help solve this problem and wrote this long read – in it, we remind you once again how to write a CV so that it works for you.

I wrote a great resume, but recruiters don’t offer jobs. And if I send it myself, then I rarely get feedback or get rejected. Why isn’t my resume working?

We believe that you have got a cool CV, but if there is no result, then something is wrong here. More often than not, the resume doesn’t work because :

  • has poor visuals and data organization;
  • it is difficult to understand from it what position the applicant is applying for;
  • it does not contain enough data confirming the competence of a candidate in a particular position, it is not clear whether he will solve the company’s problems and how he is better than others, etc.;
  • it’s too long;
  • misspelled;
  • just doesn’t catch on.

There are many options. You just need to find a weak spot and improve your resume to win the attention of employers.

Where should I start? From contacts or positions?

Start over with the heading. This will be the position for which you are applying. Write clearly and understandably about who you want to work with.

For example :

  • Chief Accountant
  • Driver
  • Sales Manager

You can also list multiple positions if they are similar positions.

For example:

  • Office manager, receptionist

And only then go to contacts. Show on your resume that you are open to communication. Leave your contacts, allow contacting you in the most convenient way for a potential employer: phone, messenger, mail. You should not write your exact address with the street name and house number – this is unnecessary information.

Be sure to include the city in which you are looking for work or where you are ready to move, and the desired salary.

I heard that it would be nice to insert a photo into the resume. But I am against it, I do not want to shine.

To be honest, you don’t need to insert a snapshot. But we live in the age of digital technologies, almost everyone has a phone with a camera function. A resume with a photo is a great opportunity to attract the attention of a recruiter, to stand out favorably among competitors.

But not every photo will do. Take a good picture: choose a neutral background or work area, provide good lighting (it is better to start a photo session in the morning), dress in business attire. Ideally, the photo shows an open posture and a benevolent facial expression.

Well, everything, everything, they persuaded. What is the right way to share your work experience?

As detailed as possible. But all is well, that in moderation. Do not rewrite what is written in the workbook, think over the structure carefully. It is not necessary to list all the companies in which you have worked, indicate 3-5. Some may not be indicated if, for example, you worked for a short time or in another specialty. Begin the description at the first place of the work, and end at the last.

After reading the experience information, the employer should have an idea of ​​the relevant work experience and your career path.

Describe what you did in your own words. First, write everything that comes to mind, then filter, prioritize functions. Add specificity and personality to make your professional business card stand out with real numbers, projects, and achievements.

But I have no achievements. What can I write about myself…

It only seems to you that they do not exist. Achievements are measurable results of your work. And at the same time, this is some noticeable progress for the company.

Let’s try together to shape your success. Add numbers and place the right accents.

For example :

❌ Maintaining legal entities.

✅ Maintaining 5 legal entities.

❌ Fulfilled the sales plan.

✅ Overfulfilled the sales plan, became the manager of the month 5 times in a row.

If the specifics of the work do not allow highlighting the achievements, then tell us about the implemented projects.

Stop! Why did we start with experience and achievements, but what about education? Doesn’t need to be described?

Картинки по запросу "resume"

Of course, you do. Education shows you as a specialist, gives you an understanding of what knowledge you have. It’s also a great illustration of whether you can bring the project to completion.

Education in a resume is an important point, but experience and position for an employer at the selection stage is more important.

First, write about higher or secondary special education. If you underwent additional training – seminars, training, master classes – and they will be useful for the desired position, then feel free to write about it.

I also understand computers and speak English. Maybe add this too?

Required! Highlight your professional skills and competencies, write them down in a separate block. Remember what software you have worked with: graphic editors, accounting programs, CRM systems, and other business platforms. Just don’t mention MS Office – you won’t surprise anyone with that.

Take the digital literacy test and add a link to the result – this is also a plus in your karma.

With languages, everything seems to be clear – add all languages ​​that you speak, even if with a dictionary. But do not embellish, indicate the real level of knowledge of the language.

I often see the characteristics “sociable”, “stress-resistant”, “responsible” in my resume. I guess that’s what I need.

No. These are formulaic, meaningless words. Instead, come up with a couple of sales phrases and add them to the “Additional Information” section.

Don’t know what to write? Put yourself in the employer’s shoes. Does he need a “sociable”, “stress-resistant”, “responsible” employee. Most likely, he will give preference to “Best Seller of All Time”.

In the same section, you can add other information to complement the professional portrait. Perhaps you blog or write about your topic, have a landing page, or have a cool hobby.

Is that all? Already finished?

Take your time. When the resume is complete, pay attention to the length. If it came out from 1 to 3 pages, you did the task perfectly.

A resume with mistakes and typos will not work for you. Make sure there are no spelling or punctuation errors in a professional business card. You can edit it in special services or ask a friend to proofread the text.

It doesn’t matter where you write your resume – in a text editor, resume builder, or on a job search site – add bullets, lists, paragraphs. They improve perception and make it easier to find information, thereby increasing the chances of success!

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