One, two – and in kings: how the applicant can improve the cover letter

Seven extremely simple yet powerful tips to improve your cover letter and make it a winner.

A cover letter is a document that a job seeker adds to a resume to tell how much he wants to get this particular job and how his skills and experience will be useful to a potential employer.

This is a very cool tool for both job seekers and employers. Indeed, many companies require cover letters along with their resume. But some candidates write them randomly or completely ignore this requirement.

Don’t do that. Give yourself the chance to become a competitive professional in minutes.

Please contact your hiring manager directly

If possible, avoid the phrase “To whoever may be interested” in the subject line or at the beginning of the letter. Why is this important?

This is a general phrase, it is intended for everyone and for no one at the same time. The recruiter will receive hundreds of such emails, and for yours to attract their attention, you need to act outside the box from the very beginning.

Address the person by name, not pattern. If you do not know the name of the recruiter, since it is not indicated in the vacancy text, go to the company’s website or call the HR department of the organization where you want to apply for a job to find out the necessary data.

And only if you failed to find out the information, then limit yourself to “Good afternoon”, “Hello” without any familiar additions like “Hello, dear recruiter” or “Hello, my future employer”.

Use clear and concise language

Remember the episode of Friends when Joey, at the request of Monica and Chandler, wrote a letter to the adoption committee using the thesaurus? We’ll remind you anyway:

He came up with such nonsense that his friends rejected what he had written, and Joe had to rewrite the text.

The same story can happen with a cover letter. In order not to look arrogant, illiterate, or too naive, write in simple language, without dictionaries of synonyms and thesaurus. Be sure to frame your letter professionally and courteously.

Avoid excessive technical language unless you are running a rocket scientist or recently invented a cure for an incurable disease.

No – copying and templates

Let’s be honest, most people who write a cover letter for the first time don’t know how to do it right, so they look for ready-made templates on Google. This is normal practice, but there are some nuances.

Imagine how many more candidates can take this same example from a search engine and send it to a hiring manager. Many. Therefore, this is a failed tactic.

Stick to an appropriate cover letter format as required by the company, but avoid standardized text. Template for structure, not content.

Try to tell originally about yourself – your story, and not some stereotyped Oleg from the Internet.

Use a cover letter to expand your resume, not repeat it

A cover letter should be the icing on the cake for your professional business card. Therefore, do not repeat information from your resume, but explain in your own words why your qualifications make you the best candidate for a particular position.

Use real facts to highlight your skills and know-how your previous experience will benefit.

Complete all conditions and answer any questions

If the vacancy requires a cover letter, then immediately look for a set of instructions that clearly spell out what the potential employer wants to see in it. For example, when you are forgiven: “Write a cover letter and tell us why you want to work in our company and what motivates you “, then tell about it, without lyrics and water.

Be sure to answer all the points if you want to go to the next stage – the interview. If you fail to meet the basic requirements, you can be sure that the recruiter will not consider your candidacy.

Check your spelling and grammar

First impressions are critical and misspelled cover letters can ruin them.

The good text indicates that the candidate is an educated, attention to detail, orderly person. It also testifies to basic respect.

Do yourself a favor and be sure to check your cover letter through dedicated services, and let a friend or professional editor read it.

Show your confidence

The end of your cover letter should be the most interesting part of the text. End it with an enchanting paragraph that demonstrates your passion for work, motivation, and ability to benefit your future employer. That is, the recruiter should read it and sob with happiness because in front of him is a letter from the best candidate who supports the company’s mission.

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