Personal profile in social networks as a lifestyle resume of a specialist: what you need to change

Your resume may be perfect, but your social media profiles may not.

Ask the person what his main weapon is when looking for a job, and he will answer that a great resume, confidence in an interview, or a perfectly completed test task. And very rarely you will receive a response from “social networks”. However, today, when we are online 24/7, the way a job seeker maintains his pages on Facebook, Instagram, and sometimes TikTok can tell a lot to a recruiter.

So what does an HR specialist see when looking at a candidate’s social media? And how can the applicant make sure that the profile presents it only from the best side? The authors (who, by the way, are also very interested in this topic) learned about this from Anna Tilnyak, an SMM consultant and author of the workshop “The Art of Owning Social Networks”.

Анна Тильняк

Let’s consider a person’s profile on Facebook or Instagram as an attractive online business card for meeting an employer, colleague, partner.

Agree, social networks reflect the way of life, thinking of a person, demonstrate his social connections (mutual friends), tastes, broadcast the history of the formation of personality and intentions. You don’t need to be a professional psychologist to read information about a person from a profile on social networks.

The lack of a profile nowadays also speaks volumes: for example, that a person has something to hide. It creates distrust. The modern world tacitly demands confirmation of the existence of an individual in networks.

HR specialists clearly get to know applicants not only through their resumes or interviews. They can also double-check the accuracy of the information, psychotype, and other characteristics of an employee using Instagram or Facebook.

I talk in detail about how to prepare for such an acquaintance at my workshop, and here I will give several recommendations that you can apply today.

Even if your profile is private, you are not safe.

There is an illusion that a closed profile is protected, but believe me, if they want to find out more about you, there are 1000 and 1 ways. Of course, no hacking.

And there is no point in creating a “personal photo album for friends” today: there are many communicators, storage spaces, applications like “personal diary”. There are a million ways to store information about yourself for loved ones and friends. And social networks have ceased to fulfill this function.

What is the main function of a personal profile on networks? To give knowledge about a person as a person with recognizable facial features, interests, certain expertise, weight in the professional community.

The profile open to the world requires adjustment. I suggest you review it and check for systemic negative.

Your profile is your reputation. It’s good if your radical statements or reposts do not interfere with the formation of a holistic, harmonious image for a partner or employer.

In this case, we are not talking about a “lifeless” and contrived profile, where all photos, reposts, and statements are sterile. We are talking about a profile that will create a complete impression of the personality, cover several areas of life: sports, family, hobbies, travel, worldview moments.

As a specialist, I advise shortly to revise your profiles on social networks for intolerant statements that may offend some groups of the population. Often, such posts are visible on the swear words, the negative mood of the texts. People write such texts on emotions and often change their minds afterward, but the manuscripts do not burn.

I recommend that you remove posts that may spoil your image or relationships with potential new employers and colleagues, partners.

You can make yourself some gifts to benefit your image and reputation online.

A couple of ideas for your network profiles:

  • Write a couple of stories about your life path, artistically and briefly describe the key moments of your becoming as a person and a specialist. Storytelling like this will be a great addition to your resume: fascinating stories humanize the image, and openness and willingness to write about your life on social networks inspire respect and trust among potential partners and employers.
  • Supplement these stories with new photos. To do this, you can organize a photo session for a walk or in the studio. At the same time, take a photo of the most lively and wonderful new avatar.

With the help of posts with stories and fresh photos, your personal profiles will receive a share of new attention, subscribers who have not seen you for a long time will want to write a compliment, cheer up or respond to texts, helping the algorithm of social networks to make you more visible in the professional community.

New actions will also allow you to go and do other things besides networking – fresh content will work for you at this time.

Social media communication is an integral part of working on your personal profiles.

Thanks to the algorithm, Facebook and Instagram absolutely clearly track how interesting we are to each other, including the amount of communication between us.

Pay attention to other users who are important to you: go to their pages, like, comment, watch their stories and communicate. Don’t forget to reply to comments under your posts. Just like is not good.

Decide on the main topic of your profile.

Here, perhaps, it is not necessary to approach strictly and fundamentally and declare to the world: “Attention! Now I will only write about engineering or accounting. ”

The main topic, for example, your key competence, can pass through a thin thread through your profile, be regularly reflected in stories and feeds in the form of life hacks, stories, and the point of view of a specialist who looks at the world around and everyday situations like an experienced professional. For example, it is quite acceptable to react to the January situation in the country and the world from the position of a marketing specialist, to give an easy and capacious analysis of the situation, even while on vacation at a ski resort or in another country.

The main theme of the profile should be exploited not just regularly, but to bring its proportion to 50-60% of publications.

For advanced network users, I suggest planning work with a personal brand quarterly. Include regular photoshoots, write expert short articles in your own accounts, think about a series of videos or broadcasts that examine life situations from the perspective of a professional.

Hope some of the ideas in this article helped you. And one more parting word to your personal SMM: I wish not to like myself but like others! Don’t be afraid to meet others on the networks and don’t leave your personal profiles. After all, the world is becoming more virtual, and the market for specialists encompasses the world and not the location in which you live.

Success in your personal brand and protect your online reputation!

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